Study Diary

01/11/09  Sunday

It was quite easy to create the blog, but quite hard to start it. For a week I didn’t have the guts to write into my blog. Between the possible choices that were given to us, I found it hard to pick the right piece, due to the positive quality found in all of them. I eventually came up with ‘Hitchcock’ mainly because of its magnificent director and my interest towards its story-line. At first I researched the background of the movie to get a basic understanding at what the story is about. I watched the clip several times and every single time there was more and more to discover. The first step of my research became obvious: the director, the actors, the effect, the music…

Notes: The biggest step is the first step!

02/11/09  Monday

In the previous day I acquired the basic knowledge and was intrigued by the events of the movie, which led me to watch its entirety and fully understand the concept behind the 3 minute scene. Today I started an other blog entry about James Stewart as well a second one of Hitchcock. The pieces aren’t finished yet (I’ve only visited websites), but I am still planning on going to the library to attain further information on the subject. I have an idea about making an interview with a stylist what she thinks about Kim Novak’s style…

Notes: Go step by step!

03/11/09  Tuesday

During my research while in the library I had a significant number of resources to choose from, but I discovered two books which were very useful:

After the ‘Research and Critical’ class I’ve made 8 more blog entries. I found several research which says, that Veronica Miles would had been Madeleine, but because of her pregnancy Hitchcock had to choose Kim Novak (but he had some concerns about her acting) I found it interesting, and I tried to make an entry about that topic.

Notes: I can’t handle 8 blog entries.

-Caution to self: Don’t try and complete all 8 tasks, instead just focus on 1.

04/11/09  Wednesday

Because of working, I couldn’t manage a new blog entry today, but I could read during my shift some articles about Hitchcock’s work both from the Guardian. I found them true and fresh, but I’m not sure if I want to put them into my blog.

Note: Every research is useful, and make your knowledge wiser. Don’t force to put every information if there is not place for them.

05/11/09 Thursday

Today I just realized that I haven`t added my personal opinions about the blog entries nor `my voice` as the author. Because yesterday I put too much information on the blog, now I have to make them shorter, and focus on the main points only. have some ideas about what Hitchcock said: “Actors are cattle” I am curios what my actor friend think about that.

Note: Don’t try to put everything in one entry, focus! Interview with actors, about the “cattle” quote(?)

06/11/09 Friday

I have two ideas about the I-map: use the Vertigo stairs or a tree and the branches could be new ideas. on may way to Birmingham I studied on the train. I have a plan to make interviews with the actors I know there.

Note: It is possible to learn during a long journey!

07/11/09  Saturday

Today I made the interviews with the actors, about Hitchcock’s quote and I expected different responses. As far as I think they were a bit sensitive about it, and none of them wanted to be treated as a cattle. I made some little changes in my blog entries, which I think was beneficial

Note: Always go back and research again!

08/11/09  Sunday

Today I deleted 2 blog entries, because I did not like them. (Mise-en-scene and a more detailed research about Vertigo) I still haven`t started my I-map.

Note: Decide about your I-map idea on time! Focus on the valuable entries, delete the less interesting entries.

09/11/09  Monday

As far as I have seen other blog entries, I have some concerns… during the class none of the `demonstrating blogs` was about Hitchcock’s Vertigo. I have to put more individual notes into my blog, but associated with my Hungarian past, I am slightly fearful to write my own words down (I prefer other’s quotes).

Today I double checked with Andy my idea about the I-map, he liked the idea, so I started to make drafts about it. I am still not sure which program I am going to use. Today is the day when I write down my individual blog entries as a blog entry. I also asked my colleague  to swap with me to leave tomorrow free, to have more time calmly finish my duties about the blog. I don’t want to be panicking on Wednesday. My plan is to be ready at tomorrow with everything!

Note: Make plans, when and which entry i spend time with. Don’t be afraid to write in English.

10/11/09 Tuesday

One day before the deadline. Of course I started to panicking, because I know how much I did, but I also know how much more field exist which I don`t have time to discover. I know this research process can go to the infinity  and beyond! But as I am a maximalist so I can`t be satisfied. I discovered The German Expressionism and Hitchcock’s Vertigo relationship. I wanted to do the research but I had no time to finish the entire entry. I put the title into bracelets, I am very interested in this topic, unfortunately, I found it quite late.

Today I also did my I-Map, I`m not fully satisfied with it yet, hopefully I will be tomorrow.

Note: manage your time!!! Don’t push the blog entries, just try your best!

11/11/09 Wednesday

Final day. I feel like I have never spent this much time in front of the computer. Today I reread my blog entries, did some final corrections. In this Study Diary Entry I would like to write about the achievements I reached.

It is obvious that the topics I mention in my blog, made my knowledge wider.

(Somebody told me at work that Alfred Hitchcock was Irish, and I could correct them with the biggest confidence!)

I also would like to mention, how hard was at the beginning to read and write in English. I think I could fight against it, and my English improved as well as my dictionary. (I learned at least 300 new words)

I would like to apologize the bad grammar here and there… (My english can show which entry I spent more or less time with)

As Peter Dukes wrote on Blackboard:

“Take pride and pleasure in your work. It should have been a fascinating journey”

I think he is right, for me it really was a fascinating journey.

I realized: this blog, and challenge can not be finish with a deadline. I think everybody will continue researching, I know I will.

Thank you,

Annamaria Berentz


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